3rd June 2012
Swimming Lessons for Babies - Find Out More

"Swimming lessons for babies are the best safety measures that a parent can take to keep their children safe."

By: Wendy Chen
Every parent gets excited when he or she sees their baby learns how to walk, hold a cup or talk. This makes the parents know that the child is normal and has the ability to learn doing a lot of things. Small children are always curious and this makes them learn new things every second of every day. A parent may make his or her child get used to water by putting the child in a bathtub. The real question however is what will happen in case the child fell into the bathtub while the parent was away or busy doing other household chores. A bathtub is enough to make a child drown and since drowning is the second most leading cause of death in children, parents should take preventive steps to help protect their children.

Swimming lessons for babies are the best safety measures that a parent can take to keep their children safe. Parents should know that different children will react differently and this may include crying, taking deep breaths and smiling or laughing. There are a number of things and techniques that you can use during swimming lessons to help your child get used to the water. These may include;

• Splash the child with some water regularly. This is important since every time the child is splashed with water on the face unexpected he or she will learn how to hold breath when there is water on their face. This may seem like a mean idea but the kid gets over it fast.
• You should create a habit of dunking your baby in the water. You should however note the number of times you dunk the child since there are a number of different ways in which children react to sound and facial expressions. This will also make them able to count under water and this tactic can be very useful in helping them hold their breath.
• Make them play with toys in water. During swimming lessons it is important for you to have toys in the water which your child can play with. The toys will help the children keep their head in the game since they have a short attention span and the toys can also help them calm down if they are upset.
• Using a floaters to float around the water. You should help your child back float by laying him or her on your shoulder face up, and counting to 10 or singing one of their favorite songs. Most kids will try to move around the water but you should ensure they remain in a relaxed position. In case your child lifts his or her legs you should carefully help them put it down while maintaining their ears in the water. Doing this over and over again will help your child improve in swimming.
• Help your child climb out of the swimming pool during the swimming lessons. Most children will not easily climb out of the pool but they can start doing hand movements which can help them climb out of the pool or support themselves on the wall. You should guide them out and use instructions to make them able to do this on their own.

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"Searching for a certified Swim Coach in Singapore is made easy. Your service is just wonderful. well done."   - Cindy Teo, Sport Link Magazine Best Service Rating Awards

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 "Pranav was 5 years old when he learned swimming with Coach Richmond at Woodlands Swimming Complex. I was amazed that he actually won a gold medal for his 500m Distance Awards Test."

- Priya from Yishun

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  "Swimming-Singapore.com really helped me find a good swimming coach like Stanley from Bishan Swimming Complex. My children aged 5 and 7 are having a great fun while learning to swim with him. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends. Thank you".

- Wendy from Bishan

"I have learned how to swim freestyle stroke with Coach Sally from Delta Swimming Complex within 8 lessons. I was very afraid of water but now i can swim 25m without resting. I am learning Breaststroke with her currently. Thank you."

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"My girl, Shamin was nearly drowned when she was 5 years old at my relative condominium swimming pool. After that incident, i quickly signed her up for a swimming lesson at Jurong West swimming Complex with Singapore Swim School. Now I feel more comfortable to let her play in the pool with her friends or relatives."

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"Swimming-Singapore.com service is fantastic. I just sms them my prefered location, day, time and next moment they found me a swimming coach at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. Their fee is also lower compared to other swim schools."

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"I was recommended by a few friends whose kids were learning swimming with coaches from Singapore Swim school. My children aged 6 and 8 are now learning with Coach Val from Woodlands. She is very professional and patience with my children. I will definately give a Thumb Up for the services."

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