Kids Swimming Lessons - Find Out the Benefits

Teaching a kid how to swim can have a dramatic impact on any child’s life, regardless of age. It can provide numerous benefits, both for safety and health purposes. Even children with disabilities can enjoy this fun activity, provided that you follow proper preventive measures and that they are properly supervised by adults and professionals. Are you thinking of enrolling your child for lessons? Read on about kids swimming lessons – find out the benefits.

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Physical Benefits 

According to studies, swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises around. It helps boost health of the lungs and the heart, improve flexibility, develop strength and enhances stamina. Swimming also minimizes the occurrence of obesity among children. As an added bonus, compared to other types of exercises, swimming is the one activity that doesn’t put a lot of stress on the joints and tissues. 

Social Benefits 

By enrolling your child in kids swimming lessons, you are providing him the opportunity to develop his social skills. This is because getting the chance to interact among other children provides a lot of social benefits to any child. Since he is exposed to other kids his age, this usually challenges him to be comfortable around other people and children. Swimming will also teach him to enjoy the company of others.  


According to research, the second most common death cause among people between the ages 5 to 25 is drowning. By enrolling your child to kids swimming lessons, you are increasing his chances of safety around waters. You see, you can’t keep watch over him all the time. It can't be avoided, there will be times when he would end up near the water unsupervised, the pool for instance. When he learns how to swim and becomes a strong swimmer, water-related risks are definitely minimized; one less thing for you to worry about.  

Emotional Benefits 

Aside from the obvious physical and safety benefits a child can obtain from swimming, this activity is also known to boost emotional and mental health of both young and adults alike.  The water’s natural buoyancy provides a much more relaxing feeling, compared to other types of physical exercises. With less effort, more exercise is achieved with swimming. As a result, anyone who gets involved in this type of activity experiences improvement of mood. This, according to experts, effectively helps fight depression. So, if you want your kid to be less restless and more relaxed, swimming is definitely the best option.  

Kids swimming lessons don’t benefit the child alone, but the parents as well. There are lessons which involve parent-child interaction, something which helps strengthen the bond between the two.  Swimming is also reported to soothe kids in a unique way, minimizing stress among children. As a matter of fact, a lot of parents account that their children act more relaxed and cry less after swimming lessons. How good is that? As a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce beneficial activities to your children, like swimming. Enrolling him in swimming class would definitely be one of the best things you can do for your kid.  Want to know more? Check our website about kids swimming lessons – find out the benefits. 

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"Searching for a certified Swim Coach in Singapore is made easy. Your service is just wonderful. well done."   - Cindy Teo, Sport Link Magazine Best Service Rating Awards

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 "Pranav was 5 years old when he learned swimming with Coach Richmond at Woodlands Swimming Complex. I was amazed that he actually won a gold medal for his 500m Distance Awards Test."

- Priya from Yishun

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Recent Testimonials

  " really helped me find a good swimming coach like Stanley from Bishan Swimming Complex. My children aged 5 and 7 are having a great fun while learning to swim with him. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends. Thank you".

- Wendy from Bishan

"I have learned how to swim freestyle stroke with Coach Sally from Delta Swimming Complex within 8 lessons. I was very afraid of water but now i can swim 25m without resting. I am learning Breaststroke with her currently. Thank you."

- Xiu Ling from Queenstown

"My kid Tommy Lim just passes his SwimSafer gold awards after learning with Coach Richmond from Woodlands Swimming Pool for 2 years. My kid is 8 years old now. Well done Richmond."

- John Tan from Woodlands

"My girl, Shamin was nearly drowned when she was 5 years old at my relative condominium swimming pool. After that incident, i quickly signed her up for a swimming lesson at Jurong West swimming Complex with Singapore Swim School. Now I feel more comfortable to let her play in the pool with her friends or relatives."

- Ai Lian from Jurong West

"My kid aged 5 is currently taking swimming lessons at Sengkang Swimming Complex with Swimming Coach Alex. He is always looking forwards to his weekend as his swimming lessons is on Sunday morning."

- Kelvin Tay from Hougang

" service is fantastic. I just sms them my prefered location, day, time and next moment they found me a swimming coach at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex. Their fee is also lower compared to other swim schools."

- Susan from Bedok

"I was recommended by a few friends whose kids were learning swimming with coaches from Singapore Swim school. My children aged 6 and 8 are now learning with Coach Val from Woodlands. She is very professional and patience with my children. I will definately give a Thumb Up for the services."

- Wan Ting from Woodlands

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